Re-elect Emy Johnson to the Shoreview City Council!

As a member of Shoreview’s City Council, my dedication has been to:

  • Advance and Establish Partnerships
  • Sustain Shoreview’s High Quality of Life
  • Enhance Community Safety

With a background in police science and public policy,  I am uniquely qualified for this position and approach my service to the City of Shoreview with great respect.

Thank you again for voting for Emy Johnson!


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  1. Since birth, Emy’s energy, positive attitude and generous heart have been a fixture in our family. My daughter overcame obstacles most young people never know and she did it with perseverance, tenacity and incredible strength. She loves people. She loves life. She loves family. And she LOVES Shoreview. Her driveway has hosted more neighborhood and community events than most event centers. Just ask her neighbors — they love her and she loves them! As a City Councilwoman, Emy will provide all of the above with great strength and with a heart of service.

  2. I’ve been very impressed with Emy’s leadership skills and her eagerness to give back to our community! I have worked with her on the Advisory Board of the Shoreview Community Foundation and also the Economic Development Authority. She provides common-sense, intelligent responses to current issues and has great enthusiasm for her work. She would definitely bring those assets and talents to the Shoreview City Council.

  3. Good for you~

    You have amazing leadership skills and tons of innovating ideas…they would be/will be fortunate to have you!

    You seem to shine in whatever you do my dear!

  4. I have known Emy since she was in high school back in Bismarck ND. She worked for my family at our local Flower Shop through her high school years. She was and Is by far the most enthusiastic and dedicated person I know. She loves people and will go above and beyond for your city. She will WOW you in every way. Vote for Emy!!!

  5. I am so delighted that Emy is running for Shoreview City Council. Since we met years ago at a leadership conference, Emy has impressed me as an ethical leader with vision, integrity, compassion, and courage. She has an impressive record of service to her community and rich and varied background as a business leader. She will make an outstanding City Council Member.

  6. So excited for tomorrow! Emy, you are an outstanding person and I know you will do great things for Shoreview. All you Shoreview residents, get out there and vote tomorrow and elect Emy Johnson to your City Council!

  7. Congratulations Emy! You are always so successful in whatever you do – shoreview is LUCKY to have you!! your hard work =’s great success!! So happy for you!

    Paul and Julie Thomas

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