Shoreview City Council Debate

debateThe newly opened Applewood Pointe of Shoreview was host to last night’s city council debate.  Candidates vying for the two seats opening up this January met to discuss important issues relevant to the city as well as field questions directly from Shoreview’s citizens. This debate was actually the very first time five of the candidates were gathered together. As an active servant of the city, Emy Johnson was in the unique position to be able to introduce them to each other as well as offer congratulations and thanks to her fellow candidates for their interest in public service and their willingness to stand up and serve Shoreview.

The incumbent candidate, Emy Johnson has served Shoreview
for the past four years as a council member and was able to showcase some of the great work of which she has been a part.  More importantly, Emy focused on highlighting her commitment and some of her thoughts for Shoreview — ideas that could become a reality if she is re-elected this November.

debate-tableHer commitment to integrity, transparency and a high level of service is what Emy Johnson brings to the table. Some of her hopes for Shoreview include growing the financial stability of the city, continuing to attract premier businesses, which would offer many needed and desirable jobs to city residents, as well as preserving the city’s many natural lakes and trails — the very qualities that make Shoreview such a wonderful town to live and work.

To learn more about where each candidate stands, visit the following links below:

East Metro Voting Guide

Pioneer Press Voting Guide




Shoreview Business Exchange

For the past several years, I have been a part of the Shoreview Business Exchange.  My work on the city council has allowed me to do even more to support the business climate of our city.  I have been able to meet people, encourage business owners and strategize for the health of Shoreview.

Please join me on October 19th from 5pm to 7pm for our next Exchange at the North Metro Event Center (formerly the Hampton Inn) on 1000 Gramsie Road in Shoreview.  Hope to see you there!


Emy Johnson, at left, connecting with a Shoreview business owner.

Giving Back and Paying Forward

From an early age, I learned the concept behind contributing to one’s community.  I was fortunate to be born into a family that has dedicated their lives to the idea of servant leadership, providing me a foundation of solid morals and values. Working hard was not required; it was an expectation…. and being an active member of the community was just what everyone was accustomed to!

The Johnsons, 2016

The Johnsons, 2016

Having spent the last 25 years working for a major retailer, my professional life has afforded me the chance to learn abundantly about two words: LEADERSHIP and SERVICE. This is what makes me so effective as a city council member. The experience I have had leading teams that work to protect company assets, keeping employees and consumers safe, and driving extensive community engagement I have now turned around and used to protect and grow the economic stability of Shoreview, keep our citizens and their families safe, and collaborate with others to pursue a common goal for the Common Good.

It is with great hope and excitement that I look forward to serving my neighbors and Shoreview family for another four years!Filing for re-election and joined by my son and daughter



Emy Awarded as Connector and Innovator!

Congratulations to Emy Johnson for being chosen as the Top CONNECTOR for Women of Leadership Forum (WOLF)’s 10 Year Award (one of only 10 globally)!

The award honors courageous individuals, taking the steps and risk to support the leadership success of others in every act, word, and deed.  Additionally, the award honors individuals who have a passion to bring others along through giving back in many ways.  Emy truly leads selflessly and with all intentions of enabling other’s success!

“You are a tremendous leader!… We had a large group of nominations and you are one of 10 total winning and one of three being awarded the innovator award! ” — Julie Gilbert, CEO/Founder, Wolf Means Business

Pollen Article on Emy’s Run for Office

Matt Hunt, CEO and founder of strategy and innovation consulting firm Stanford & Griggs, recently published his article for Pollen, featuring Emy Johnson and recounting the tale of her run for Shoreview’s City Council…

Here’s a brief snippet of the interview.  For the full article, visit: Pollen, vol. 90

Q: What motivated you to run for office?

Emy: There were many things that led me to pursue a run for office. I’d been actively involved in my local community already and had served on committees and boards, but I wanted to be in a position of making a greater impact. I felt that if I were to be elected to serve on the city council, I would get a chance to serve more broadly and use what I had learned from my professional life in service for the greater good. Several members of my family spent their lives making a difference in their community and public service wasn’t necessarily an elective or an option—it was just what you did, what you should do.

Q: Was there ever a time during the campaign when you felt as though you knew how your race would turn out?

Emy: No. I truly had no idea if I would be the winner. Even though I started the campaign on the premise I would win, there is a big gap between the idea and the reality. Were people getting to know me? Did the community understand the dedication and hard work I would bring to the position? Did they realize that my heart truly was in serving my neighbors, my city of Shoreview? I had been coached by many and understood that most candidates lost their first elections. The first time you run for office is more about the experience of getting out there and growing your confidence in public service than winning the position.

Slice of Shoreview Serves Up Some Fun!


Emy Johnson and crew, riding behind their trust steed, joined the line of floats behind Mayor Sandy Martin last Saturday for the big parade!

photo 5The Slice of Shoreview is an annual festival held to celebrate life in the city of Shoreview. The “Slice”, as it has come to be known, takes place over the last weekend of July and incorporates a wide variety of family-oriented activities including a carnival, parade, art and craft fair, food vendors, various displays and demonstrations, talent show, lots of entertainment and, of course fireworks.  For more info about this year’s Slice, visit the website: Slice of Shoreview Days


Hope you all had a Happy Slice of Shoreview!


Moundsview Softball Association

photoEmy Johnson was pleased to address the friends and families, players, coaches and volunteers of Moundsview Softball Association, who held their kick-off last evening! 16 teams from across the midwest and Canada comprise this group of young girls who are given the opportunity through the association to play fastpitch softball.

To learn more about fastpitch softball, visit their website: MVSA 

White Bear Press Publisher Meets with Councilmember Emy

Recently, Shoreview City Councilmember Emy Johnson was invited to become a board member for Northeast Youth & Family Services (NYFS).  Serving in this dual role allowed Emy to meet with Carter Johnson, publisher of the White Bear Press, who joined her for NYFS’s annual Leadership Luncheon.  Mr. Johnson’s article about the work of NYFS and his meeting with Emy follows below:logo

“No Get Well Card”

Posted: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 4:02 pm

by Carter Johnson

Last week I joined Shoreview City Council member Emy Johnson at the Northeast Youth and Family Service annual Leadership Luncheon fundraiser at Midland Hills Country Club. Mary Brainerd, CEO of HealthPartners, was the keynote speaker.

The Shoreview-based organization serves people of all ages throughout the northeast metro area, with a primary focus on youth ages 5-21. Through collaboration with cities, local school districts and other human services agencies, NYFS provides mental health services, youth employment training, delinquency intervention program, summer camps for low-income youth, mentoring and tutoring programs, among other services geared to at-risk youth and individuals and families in need. NYFS joined forces with the White Bear Counseling Center in July of last year, and now operates locations in Shoreview and White Bear Lake.

I was struck by the statistic that one in five individuals in Minnesota are diagnosed with mental illness, and one in 17 will struggle with a severe mental illness during their lifetime. Often mental illness goes undiagnosed and untreated because the people affected fear the stigma.

Mental illness is fairly common, yet most people aren’t comfortable talking about it. The example was shared that when people seek treatment or are hospitalized for a mental illness, they don’t typically receive “get well” cards.

Brainerd challenged the group to continue promoting awareness and conversation to change the stigma surrounding mental health.

Efforts to help change the stigma range from providing more education in the waiting room for families and loved ones to the simple step of encouraging more open conversation. The website is a resource for patients and families who find themselves dealing with a mental health issue.

Take time to understand what is available in our communities, and check out what NYFS is doing for our residents at