Emy to be honored at the 16th Annual Women In Business Awards Luncheon!

Emy Johnson

Each year, the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal selects 50 of the Twin Cities’ most influential women, including industry-leading executives, entrepreneurs and business owners.  This year, Emy Johnson of Target Corporation, recently elected to Shoreview’s City Council, has been numbered among those women for her professional achievements, leadership qualities, and contributions to the broader Twin Cities community.

Follow the link below for Katharine Grayson’s full listing: Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal


A Night at the Lake Johanna Firehouse!

Freshman Councilmember, Emy Johnson, learned first hand what it takes to be a firefighter in Ramsey County recently.  Witnessing the work and dedication of these committed firefighters over night was an opportunity too good to pass up. Greatly impressed by these incredible people, Emy thanks the Chief and the whole department for their excellent service to the Shoreview Community.

Emy with Fire Chief, Tim Boehlke

Fire Chief, Tim Boehlke, poses with Shoreview Council Member, Emy Johnson, at the Lake Johanna Fire Department.

The Lake Johanna Fire Department protects the citizens of Arden Hills, North Oaks, and Shoreview.  Visit their website at www.ljfd.org to learn more!

Newest Shoreview Councilmember: “Make dreams a reality”

From the Shoreview Press – Newly seated CouncilwomanEmy Johnson Emy Johnson came out on top of a crowded field of newcomers in last November’s City Council election (longtime incumbent Ady Wickstrom claimed the other open seat).

The Shoreview Press asked her how she did it and what role she expects to play in local government’s highest call to service.

Q: Has becoming elected made you more patriotic and self-aware of your community? How much? In what ways?

Johnson: I grew up knowing that being an active member of the community is just what you do.  Although I didn’t know my passions would lead me to a seat on a city council, I did know that I would be working in some capacity to make a difference in the world.  This position just allows me an opportunity to make an even bigger one. I feel remarkably fortunate.

Q: For people who dream about running for city council, what should they expect? Do you have any advice?

Johnson: Make the dream a reality.  Go for it.  If not you, then who? There are never enough hours in the day. There is never a “great” time to take the leap.  That all being said, our communities need leadership. They need leaders who are willing to step up and not sit on the sidelines.

Visit their website now to read the article in full:

“Make Dreams a Reality”

Shoreview City Council Accepts the 2013 EDAM Award!

The Economic Development Association of Minnesota (EDAM) annually selects a Minnesota community to receive the Business Retention Award.  This year, Shoreview was the grateful recipient.  On hand to accept the award were Shoreview City Council Members as well as Shoreview Economic Development Authority (EDA) and Commission (EDC) Members

EDAM Business Retention Award January 2013

From left to right:

Ady Wickstrom, Councilmember

Ben Withhart, EDA President and Councilmember

Blake Huffman, Former EDA President and Councilmember – current Ramsey County Commissioner

Gene Marsh – EDA and EDC member

Emy Johnson – EDA member and Councilmember

Sue Denkinger – EDC member

Jonathan Weinhagen – EDC member

To learn more about Shoreview’s Economic Development, visit their website at:

Emy Elected to City Council!

Emy, at left, and friends discuss early results on election night.

Meister’s Bar & Grill in Shoreview became Emy’s ad hoc campaign headquarters the night of the election.  Gathered together to track the evening’s progress were friends, family, and Shoreview residents, along with Councilwoman Ady Wickstrom and newly-elected Ramsey County Commissioner Blake Huffman.

Tracking results






From the start of the campaign, Emy’s children were inspired to participate.  In fact, so many youth became engaged as the story of Emy’s election unfolded that Emy was in turn inspired by these young men and women for whom she would be working to protect their future.

Cameron Johnson, at right, became his mother’s “technology” assistant throughout the campaign.





And this is the beauty of Emy’s leadership: it encompasses the inclusion of so many — even other political candidates — who were happy to celebrate her success.  The story of Emy’s win was reported in The Shoreview Press.

Emy Johnson and Ady Wickstrom — newly elected/re-elected to the Shoreview City Council

Ramsey County Commissioner, Blake Huffman, with Shoreview City Council Members, Emy Johnson and Ady Wickstrom

Emy with city council candidates: Kirk Possehl, Ady Wickstrom (re-elected) and Cory Springhorn

Emy Featured in Pollen

This past summer, as my campaign got underway, I was honored to be featured under the “Inspiration” article in Pollen Volume 58.

Pollen is a community composed of civic-minded connectors who share ideas, career and civic engagement opportunities and peer-to-peer recognition to create positive impact and personal and professional growth for its members.

Web issues of Pollen are published twice a month, with content appearing on both this site and in the business section of MinnPost.  You can also find past newsletters in the Minnesota Post highlighting my work for Shoreview.

Enjoy exploring Pollen for yourselves!


Shoreview Bulletin’s “2012 Voter’s Guide”

After experiencing some disappointment with the 2012 Voter’s Guide printed in the Shoreview-Arden Hills Bulletin, which failed to include my candidate information, the good people at Lillie News have corrected the omission and posted my responses to their questionnaire in their online voter’s guide.  So while the print publication mistakenly left my entry blank, the online edition will have the complete guide.

You can check out my responses below or view the full guide via: Shoreview Bulletin Voter’s Guide.


What skills and experience do you feel you’d bring to elected office?

What type of development projects in the city are you eager to support?

How will you ensure that city services are financially supported?

Emy Johnson

Johnson, 41, and husband Scott have 3 children. She holds a master’s degree in human development (in process) from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and is a senior business partner-assets protection for Target Corporation.

Having spent the last 23 years working for a major retailer, my professional life has afforded me the chance to learn abundantly about two words: leadership and service. The experience I have had leading teams that work to protect company assets, keeping employees and consumers safe, and driving extensive community engagement I can now turn around and use to protect and grow the economic stability of Shoreview, keep our citizens and their families safe, and collaborate with others to pursue a common goal for the common good. I eagerly support sustaining Shoreview’s high quality of life by working collaboratively with citizens, businesses, volunteers, and staff to drive economic development. Public-private partnerships similar to those that I supported as a part of the PaR Systems and TSI, Inc. campus restructure along with the Red Fox Road retail development will form my template of success. Advancing and establishing partnerships is key to ensuring the financial stability and growth of our city. Thus, my goals for Shoreview will include keeping the city on track in support of the Five Year Operating Plan which in no way compromises the high quality of life that residents have come to expect.


Annual Shoreview Volunteer Appreciation Event

Last night was Shoreview’s Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.  Awards were distributed, and I was pleased to celebrate with our noteworthy volunteers as well as with Shoreview Mayor Sandy Martin, Councilman Ben Withart, President of the Economic Development Authority and Councilman Blake Huffman, and Councilman Terry Quigley.

From left to right: Mayor Sandy Martin, Councilman Ben Withart, City Council Candidate Emy Johnson, Coucilman and EDA President Blake Huffman, and Councilman Terry Quigley.