Emy Elected to City Council!

Emy, at left, and friends discuss early results on election night.

Meister’s Bar & Grill in Shoreview became Emy’s ad hoc campaign headquarters the night of the election.  Gathered together to track the evening’s progress were friends, family, and Shoreview residents, along with Councilwoman Ady Wickstrom and newly-elected Ramsey County Commissioner Blake Huffman.

Tracking results






From the start of the campaign, Emy’s children were inspired to participate.  In fact, so many youth became engaged as the story of Emy’s election unfolded that Emy was in turn inspired by these young men and women for whom she would be working to protect their future.

Cameron Johnson, at right, became his mother’s “technology” assistant throughout the campaign.





And this is the beauty of Emy’s leadership: it encompasses the inclusion of so many — even other political candidates — who were happy to celebrate her success.  The story of Emy’s win was reported in The Shoreview Press.

Emy Johnson and Ady Wickstrom — newly elected/re-elected to the Shoreview City Council

Ramsey County Commissioner, Blake Huffman, with Shoreview City Council Members, Emy Johnson and Ady Wickstrom

Emy with city council candidates: Kirk Possehl, Ady Wickstrom (re-elected) and Cory Springhorn

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  1. Emy,
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! So happy for you, I’m so glad we were able to get to know each other in Long Island when we were there for work!


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