Newest Shoreview Councilmember: “Make dreams a reality”

From the Shoreview Press – Newly seated CouncilwomanEmy Johnson Emy Johnson came out on top of a crowded field of newcomers in last November’s City Council election (longtime incumbent Ady Wickstrom claimed the other open seat).

The Shoreview Press asked her how she did it and what role she expects to play in local government’s highest call to service.

Q: Has becoming elected made you more patriotic and self-aware of your community? How much? In what ways?

Johnson: I grew up knowing that being an active member of the community is just what you do.  Although I didn’t know my passions would lead me to a seat on a city council, I did know that I would be working in some capacity to make a difference in the world.  This position just allows me an opportunity to make an even bigger one. I feel remarkably fortunate.

Q: For people who dream about running for city council, what should they expect? Do you have any advice?

Johnson: Make the dream a reality.  Go for it.  If not you, then who? There are never enough hours in the day. There is never a “great” time to take the leap.  That all being said, our communities need leadership. They need leaders who are willing to step up and not sit on the sidelines.

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“Make Dreams a Reality”

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