Pollen Article on Emy’s Run for Office

Matt Hunt, CEO and founder of strategy and innovation consulting firm Stanford & Griggs, recently published his article for Pollen, featuring Emy Johnson and recounting the tale of her run for Shoreview’s City Council…

Here’s a brief snippet of the interview.  For the full article, visit: Pollen, vol. 90

Q: What motivated you to run for office?

Emy: There were many things that led me to pursue a run for office. I’d been actively involved in my local community already and had served on committees and boards, but I wanted to be in a position of making a greater impact. I felt that if I were to be elected to serve on the city council, I would get a chance to serve more broadly and use what I had learned from my professional life in service for the greater good. Several members of my family spent their lives making a difference in their community and public service wasn’t necessarily an elective or an option—it was just what you did, what you should do.

Q: Was there ever a time during the campaign when you felt as though you knew how your race would turn out?

Emy: No. I truly had no idea if I would be the winner. Even though I started the campaign on the premise I would win, there is a big gap between the idea and the reality. Were people getting to know me? Did the community understand the dedication and hard work I would bring to the position? Did they realize that my heart truly was in serving my neighbors, my city of Shoreview? I had been coached by many and understood that most candidates lost their first elections. The first time you run for office is more about the experience of getting out there and growing your confidence in public service than winning the position.

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