Emy Awarded as Connector and Innovator!

Congratulations to Emy Johnson for being chosen as the Top CONNECTOR for Women of Leadership Forum (WOLF)’s 10 Year Award (one of only 10 globally)!

The award honors courageous individuals, taking the steps and risk to support the leadership success of others in every act, word, and deed.  Additionally, the award honors individuals who have a passion to bring others along through giving back in many ways.  Emy truly leads selflessly and with all intentions of enabling other’s success!

“You are a tremendous leader!… We had a large group of nominations and you are one of 10 total winning and one of three being awarded the innovator award! ” — Julie Gilbert, CEO/Founder, Wolf Means Business

One thought on “Emy Awarded as Connector and Innovator!
  1. Congratulations, Emy! You definitely are a great connector, supporter and mentor, and I know there are many who have benefited from the gift of your friendship — me included!!

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