Giving Back and Paying Forward

From an early age, I learned the concept behind contributing to one’s community.  I was fortunate to be born into a family that has dedicated their lives to the idea of servant leadership, providing me a foundation of solid morals and values. Working hard was not required; it was an expectation…. and being an active member of the community was just what everyone was accustomed to!

The Johnsons, 2016

The Johnsons, 2016

Having spent the last 25 years working for a major retailer, my professional life has afforded me the chance to learn abundantly about two words: LEADERSHIP and SERVICE. This is what makes me so effective as a city council member. The experience I have had leading teams that work to protect company assets, keeping employees and consumers safe, and driving extensive community engagement I have now turned around and used to protect and grow the economic stability of Shoreview, keep our citizens and their families safe, and collaborate with others to pursue a common goal for the Common Good.

It is with great hope and excitement that I look forward to serving my neighbors and Shoreview family for another four years!Filing for re-election and joined by my son and daughter



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